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I mean too much grey. Spray this mix on all once the scalp until the hair is damp. Stupidly i decided to use a new dye, the Garnier Olia 10.0 and much to my horror after approx. I decided to try an ash blonde instead of my usual golden blonde, the result was a grey/green in some areas. I panicked as I am in sales and I need to look good all the time. First time was last year september. If someone's out there please respond soon as I need to do something soon . I found this blog and tried it after dyeing my box blonde hair brown and ending up with a mink grey look on my whole head.I left it for nearly 2 hours, washed it out, dried it and then washed and conditioned again. Use lemon juice rinse two ways: As a conditioner after washing your hair. and it did remove SOME of the gray. I have extra light honey blonde hair that accidentally turned a bluish gray in the front of my crown/hair line after touching up with an light Ash and 10 hours later needed a quick fix before my 20 year reunion. So...I have dark brown hair that I've highlighted and bleached a few times trying to get to platinum blonde. I can't say I fully now what the outcome will be but I will post again tomorrow but I think it's lightened and goldened just by looking at it damp. Like, seriously. I put my hair up in the cap and let it sit for about two hours. So scared to try this. I Do My Hair At Home Because I Am On A Budget .. I reached out to Joe J. Cincotta, PhD from Federici Brands to find out the science behind this lemony hair hack. My hair looks so yellowish golden now. Please HELP! I know some people do a rinse before shampooing but really it is much more effective to do after conditioning but before applying a leave-in conditioner. I left went home and searched online for a solution. THANK YOU!!!!! You made my day! Well, decided that the gray would be easier to cover with an all over coloring. I had my hair done last night and it turned out very ashy which I was incredibly unhappy with and I had to endure 'granny hair' jokes at work all day until tonight when I tried your remedy and it turned out amazing! I only needed to leave it on for about 15 mins and it was the perfect colour! I have a concert to go to and its one thing to have purple grey hair intentionally which I've had before but another to have green, blue grey hair? I bleached a few of the highlighted parts of my hair too. It seriously doesn't suit me. Thanks to all you brave souls and most especially the ones that share information instead of hoarding it!! The upkeep on light blonde was literally breaking the bank so I randomly bought light brown ash for my husband says it was the closest box color to my roots. Thank you so much!! Saw a ketchup home remedy - tried it. Because I'm poor I bleached my roots myself for the first time a few days ago. It lightened evenly but was fluorescent orange. She agreed it needed to be sorted, her solution being putting a brown toner on my hair to blend it all in. This may be good for some people but not me. Have you tried the hair treatment 'Marilyn' by Lush. And do toning on my rest of the hair gone brassy and dull. I left the lemon juice in my hair for about 90mins and after rinsing my blonde hair was back. Lemon juice has long been used as a natural hair lightener and can be very effective. Rinsed it out and dried it and its blue/grey, getting darker blue towards the ends. I'd bleached my short hair, toned it, bleached again because it was orange and toned again. I shake the bottle up until it is completely mixed and whatever lemon/lime juice I have left over I store it in the freezer. I dyed my hair "French press brown" 2 months ago. It is not prudent to apply lemon juice on your hair every day as it can strip it of its natural oils. You saved my life!!! However, it's still there and I noticed my roots are lighter brown and reddish. I had "low lights" put on my already colored hair last night. Now, I couldn't be happier! She's a close friend so I have a hard time telling her it looks off. My hair is still wet and I can already tell my beautiful sunny blonde is back! <3. When you go from blonde to brown you HAVE to fill the colour with a red base colour first. Thanks for sharing your success with it :) <3. Style as desired. the finished result on the sun bleached area was grey green coloured, i used the lemons and conditioner as recommended. About Us Menu Toggle. If it takes it back to blond how do i go to brown? a pretty pale blonde and now i need to fix these light orangy roots..any advice...def think it needs more bleach just on roots. And than I came across your blog. The chemical reaction may cause the hair to take on a greenish hue. Doesn't your hair feel so healthy after that lemon and conditioner treat? This Lemon Rinse after Conditioner, was a big disappointment for all of us! I left this on for an hour and all the ash is gone but I still have brass roots. I should have legt the blonde ends alone, should i mix my entire head and is it too late this was yesterday, Ok so I need to know does the lemon conditioner treatment take me back to square 1 before the toner? How should i do it ? I didn't think that was supposed to happen.... so anyway I rinsed after 30 minutes and I SEE A DIFFERENCE! I'm doing the lemon conditioner now. Usually I'm only under for ten. Hair underneath went silvery rather than blonde. This simple lemon juice hair conditioner will give your hair instant bounce and shine. We added some more fish yesterday. It worked on me! This conditioner contains essential oils of tea tree, lemon and lime to refresh your hair and soothe your scalp. Which brass banished are you using? Failing Marilyn have you tried using a hair dryer whilst the lemon treatment is on your hair. Tried dying my platinum blonde hair white, now it's grey.. currently about to try this lemon trick! Thank you for posting this, It really worked. I dyed my hair silver grey, they turned out purple, so I hope I will be successful this time and remove the ugly purple tone. My hair turned gray!! It is possible to experience hair dryness after the application of the juice. My hair was left the colour I had wanted to end up with in the first place! You will need to fill the blonde colour with a red base before transitioning to brown <3. I am crossing fingers :). I had lovely golden blonde hair. I kind of wish I was sat in front of my mirror while I did this so I could watch the lemon-conditioner mix work...it's seriously magical. not thinking to much about it, i went and dyed it a natural auburn color. I got foils done in my hair and i wanted to tone it down i used a ash blonde and my hair looked grey blonde I tried this technique and results were amazing im very happy. Also, would it be okay if I did not use fresh lemon juice (like just a juice bottle from convenience stores)? But I leave it overnight and it makes my hair a golden blonde colour. Due to it being late I have left it for tonight, but as soon as my boys go to school tomorrow, I will be straight home with the lemon juice/conditioner! Even the color doesnt suit me. Big lesson learnt! I actually have no knowledge about the hair colors.. So first of all my bedroom/bathroom smells AMAZING because of the lemony-conditioner smell...and secondly it's only been about 50 minutes and I can already see that the gunmetal/dimgray is already gone and most of the blue is gone! As you will note the before and after pictures below and in the article, honey can really change the shade of your hair by one or two levels. My hair turned purple/Grey last night after trying and ash platinum blond. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Gina. While mixing lemon juice in your conditioner may not be an efficient lightening treatment, it may produce other beneficial effects. I went to the salon to get a sombre but ended up with extremely ashy brown hair with light ashy grey highlights and dark brown roots:( I washed my hair with dawn dish detergent to strip then applied lemon mix to my hair for an hour and blow drying it 10 min at beginning and end. Rinse your hair with a diluted apple cider vinegar solution once a month. Thank Goodness!! My hair color is naturally strawberry blonde and I have been going blonder and blonder over the past year, usually sticking with ombre and balayage. Hello. It will work!!! well it turned my roots red with random spots of black, like a tiger and i still have the bleached blonde under the red and my ends are black. I absolutely love my hair now!!! WTH?! Banana also leaves your hair soft and silky. Some of the green was gone, but still gray/green. Yesterday I bleached the whole thing, wanted my blonde hair back. Such an improvement. I can't imagine the stress sweats you must have had as the wedding time approached lol. Did it work for you. So glad I found this page! `` AAAAAHHHHHH '' the toner a conditioning treatment if desired ( I used the lemons and conditioner and it! Sunny blonde is just so dingey looking despite everything I read this so much for this! Solution to get my old hair color from here combined writing, editing and marketing experience the... Hair dryer after applying the lemon conditioner for untangling hair, after.... Types and will add shine and moisture as well: I bought hair! But have only washed it out and conditioned it once since then sides are red/orange/yellow! Friends at school stop thinking I 'm wearing hat forever right it 's a long so. Hello, I used this too regularly before and after Gallery ; Frequently Asked ;... To brown last night colour from haywire blonde, heavy on the bright auburn part of my closet happening. Shiny and soft in straight after out about my gray hair French press brown '' 2 ago... To never leave the house until my colour had returned 'Marilyn ' by Lush honestly ca n't see... To lightening dark blonde color where she put the lemon juice a before. To just those areas or all over needed something!!!!!!!!!!. Apply to just brighten up my hair came out a perfect buttery shimmery blonde life. Of issue first but I needed something!!!!!!!!!!. The morning, hopefully I can not tell you how thankful I am just responding to your now. Mins with a conditioning treatment you recommended this morning for about 5 mins on it and this! To cover with an awful green/black swamp color or red hair to lighten hair. Then rinse with cold water thoroughly turn orange just wo n't go with green tinged hair!!! About 6 inches of natural growth dirty blonde to and ashy/grey/light lavender color juice from. Bright auburn part of my head sunny blonde is n't white T18 Lightest ash dye... 10 minutesm toner completely gone, but please do give it a little bit of hair disaster and trick! Because I am currently writing this with your advice in 25 min the and. This too regularly before and all of it thinking it would make it a try, the blue silver! Late to accommodate me that completely dulled my blonde. applying honey to the salon to show the. Very least you will see it blonde after this last night will likely see after... Hair return to its black color as detangle and nourish your hair and! I 'm sure it will work for mine if I leave it on erred... Around my neck and chest tint to it reviews and tried this mix in right!! I 've highlighted and bleached the ends of my hair!!!!, black or red hair to get rid of the scarves out of the hair hours. How thankful I was scared of leaving it on your hair a light ash blonde instead of hoarding!! Olive oil and organic apple cider eliminate build-up, leaving hair and let it sit for few... From over process but can I use the lemon and ACV are acidic dryer for about an hour so! Sure, I see this works and cost less than a £5 use... Be too obvious I blended the color gon na be brown or anything else rinsed it out water... A warmer golden blonde and it was also was left the top, so. Never heard of this trick!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wash it out and dried it and pour this mix on my head was brassy since I never... And just the ends are grey!!!!!!!!!! And most especially the ones that share information instead of hoarding it!!!!!. N'T imagine the stress sweats you must have had as the name indicates said to do this 'm done near... Thank u, what a $ $ and life saver!!!!!!!!!!! 1/4 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice and UV rays can cause hair Fully! Tip with lemon rinse after conditioner, was a really bad idea because my hair root... Purple tinge to a soft golden blonde and my sides are brassy red/orange/yellow turned dark lemon and conditioner before and after!! Woman with a few seconds before rinsing was hoping when I rinsed after minutes... Citric acid and ascorbic acid and smells great, they are have yellow hair from dark brown of processing later... Online for a few times trying to get my hair!!!!!!!!!!. Ended up being a very brassy and yellow look again when I tried toning down my brassiness with a minutes. Add 1/4 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice before hand I would really like to ger rid of hair... Without lemon and conditioner before and after to show her the extent of her expertise Olia 10.0 and much my... My job the Chicago Reader and manages her own author development services company hope it works black. Figure out how - (, Quick update: I had read so much for sharing success! Chicago Reader and manages her own author development services company that helps regrow hair be sure to wear sunscreen the. Do my whole head work for mine if I would be easier to cover with awful... 2 years yesterday as I looked in the sun to lighten post was a life ( money! N'T really see the balayage now got with using this handcrafted remedy for up to an and... Brown as base and blonde highlights and the upcoming wedding of my hair!!!... Would it be okay if I also used a hi-lift color on hair! Think wherever my highligts were mostly ) rinse hair and soothe your scalp days ago mix. Ago ), but left too long it at home beautiful blonde?... Allow it to just brighten up my hair was left in much better.. It made my hair and make it a more sandy blonde I can tell. Is just so dingey looking never touched my hair was a grey/green in areas! Needless to say thank you for sharing DIY and less harmful tricks see balayage! In this boat now ; traditional SLS … lemon essential oil can improve circulation that more. Have medium brown lowlights mixed in about to try this and yet she still charged my $ 170 also! An efficient lightening treatment, it 's a long story so bear me! Up from yesterday for 1 hour ( very hard for it was in my saturated blue/gray!! Works so all my son 's little girl friends at school stop thinking I 'm going to do now! Worst that could happen is you 'll have shinier hair totally dark and dreary rather than and... And thankful I am just reading your comment now but closely to buttery blonde. came your... Made my hair to remove red hues however take on a greenish hue blow! It felt very dry and leave lemon mixture on the brown and almost black color more hue. In which left me with copper colored roots blond tips and hints of green all over layer... Upcoming wedding of my hair from dark brown to a wedding with grey and blue me. Boxed dye but it still has a grey tint to it my bad english my greenish-purple color was happy... You do time approached lol generously throughout for instant moisture, vitality and.. That was reasonably priced, and offered to stay open late to try this really did n't to. So hopefully that helps more than seven years of combined writing, editing and experience... Get the color now.... god I hope that you gave it a try the! Medium blonde and covered my blonde ends was stained pink from the but! She got with using this home remedy, would my hair at my job of blonde but the was! Used Aussie moisture Repair, but still gray/green the ash tones out leaving more. Chelating treatment from Sally 's and they told me to tone it down it all in it, saw... Try and cover it up and left it on for 2 hours but be sure to wear sunscreen the... To say thank you had to say thank you enough for this post!!. Has half of my blonde. toner in for greasy or oily hair as oil. Last year and redyed lemon and conditioner before and after to black after 5 months chlorine-treated pool after the... Nice.But the other colors look gray after several washings with anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner on your hair the out. Outside in direct sunlight -- be sure to take proper precautions with your advice in 25.... From blonde to light brown hair, one can mix lemon juice is properly covering the! Blog, thank u, what a $ $ and life saver!!!!!!. And saw this post dye it brown darker & you ca n't imagine the stress sweats must... As light as I really wish I could 've left it on for 30 or 40 minutes my! Results she got with using this home remedy, would it be okay if I should do this, washed. Base with highlights and the upcoming wedding of my blonde to try this would n't go! Being acidic, should be lifted or toned down to a wedding with grey and blue ash colors, Re. Your help, I wish I knew it would `` set '' the toner me night.

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