How do I reset my password?

Currently, you will need to submit a ticket to support in order to reset your password.

My Profit Spy scrapers will not start. What do I do?

Ensure that your Amazon category link, inside the edit arbitrage panel is correct. If the scraper does not start after 3 tries, please submit a support ticket.
NOTE: make sure you are testing with our proxies and not with ones you have chosen for your Profit Spy account.

I clicked the start scrape button and the scraper connected, but only shows 400 of 0.

This means its connecting, but has not starting its first page yet. Click the refresh button in order to see updates with the scraper.

How do I update the number of pages scraped once the scraper is activated green?

Simple, just click your browsers refresh button. Most every issues you may encounter can be solved with a simple browser refresh.

I clicked the start scraping button and the loader keeps spinning without activating the scraper.

Make sure you didn't just stop an active scraping process. If you did, please wait 1-2 minutes before starting another scraper. If this is not the case and you have tried 3 times with failure, please submit a support ticket.

I am viewing a scraped Amazon product that has a listed price of $0.01. When I go to view the listing, it shows the actual price. Why isn't Profit Spy showing the correct amazon price?

On a few listings (not many) Amazon will not display a price on the category page, but the price may be listed on the details page. Also note that a few listings will not show up in amazon until your logged in. This will cause $0.01 listed prices, but please note these are not frequent.

I go to update my Amazon prices with the "amazon price updates" feature, but nothing is happening. Why is that?

This feature works very well, but you must give Profit Spy 3-5 seconds to update the prices. Be patient when updating individual prices as the page will eventually refresh and showcase the updated price.

The same goes for the Amazon price updates at the category level. First make sure you are not scraping any products and then click the update button. Give Profit Spy a few minutes to update all prices within the chosen amazon category.

Should I delete products that I am not listing on Ebay?

Absolutely! You only want to have products in your Profit Spy inventory that you plan on listing with Ebay.

What is the user panel for?

You should only use this if you plan on letting your VA (virtual assistant) list your Ebay products for you. They will be allowed access to your account where they can in turn list your Ebay products you have inside your Amazon Group Categories.

What is the Proxy panel for?

We give all uses the option to use their own private proxies, however we highly recommend that you utilize the proxies that come with your subscription. These are proven to work. If you do plan on using your own private proxies, please make sure you add our IP address to the "allowed list" within your proxy provider or else your proxies will not work.
Our server IP is:

Is the Ebay listed price for each product include Paypal and Ebay Final Value Fees?

Yes, they do. This was covered in several training videos.

Why does Profit Spy scrape Ebay listings that are in other currencies beside US dollar? (GBP, CAN, AUS)

This is an Ebay marketplace issue where they have a few select sellers listing products on from other countries that try and sell products without switching over the currency. This is generally frowned upon by Ebay, but sometimes they slip through the cracks.

Profit Spy simply fetches product pricing and makes the comparison. It does not look at whether the product is in another currency as 98% of products listed on Ebay are in bought and sold under the US Dollar.

Can I share my Profit Spy account with a friend/partner?

No, you cannot. If our system detects you have logged in from different IP address, your account will be temporarily  suspended. If it's being accessed by ebay posting VAs, then we will notate this on your account and allow this on a case by case basis.

How do I setup my Amazon dropshipping account and utilize the Amazon Prime free shipping?

Great question, unfortunately Profit Spy does not cover this inquiry as it does not relate to the application itself. If you would like to know how to setup your arbitrage sales funnel, please check out our "Arbitrage Master Class" where we teach you all the insider tricks of the trade.

Will running Profit Spy get my Ebay or Amazon account banned?

We do not control any of your account access. Profit Spy is able to scrape information without logging into private accounts. It is also not against TOS to sell items directly from Amazon to Ebay.

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